Liberty Stadium
Liberty Stadium
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Liberty Stadium Pitch

The planning and construction processes are what give the pitch the grand appearance it has today. However, it is also what is contained within the pitch that makes it truly special!

The pitch is made up of different layers which all help the durability necessary for a pitch. The layers are set out below:

Drainage system

  • Underground pipe drainage system
  • Pipes run East to West
  • Connects to two collector drains running North to South
  • Drains collect water that has fallen on the pitch
  • Filtered through pitch and carried to main collector drains
  • Pipes contain integrated air flow systems (Soil Air Units)
  • Air flow systems allow oxygen to be pumped into root zone
  • Reversing the flows allows suction of moisture from the pitch

Gravel Carpet

  • Separated from the base and drainage system by two layers
  • Consists of 10mm gauge gravel
  • Depth of 125mm

Grit Blinding Layer

  • Consists of 6mm gauge gravel
  • Depth of 50mm

Lower Root Zone

  • Comprises medium/fine washed sand
  • Minimum depth of 200mm

Upper Root Zone

  • 90/10 sand/soil mix
  • Depth of 100mm
  • Included is a foam like water retaining agent and growth stimulant
  • Retains a percentage of soil moisture

Desso GrassMaster Reinforcement
Approximately 20 million artificial grass fibres are sewn into the pitch, 20mm apart and looped to a depth of 200mm. The Desso is sewn in order for the plant roots to entwine and develop around the fibre, guaranteeing maximum stability.

A Sportsturf seed mix has been sown at a rate of 45g per square metre, a total of 400kg.


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