Facilities For Our Supporters And Visitors With Disabilities

From the original planning through to the delivery the Liberty Stadium has not failed in catering for all areas of disability ensuring equality and self empowerment where possible.


The Liberty Stadium has more than 60 accessible parking bays on site which it sells seasonally to Swansea City AFC and Ospreys Rugby supporters.

5 accessible parking bays are always held for visiting supporters to the stadium. These are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Parking needs to be booked prior to the fixture and this can be done from 2 week before each game. Please contact Carys Gallagher on 01792 616402.

There is a disabled drop off point and accessibility ramp situated adjacent to the Stadiums ticket office.

Facilities within the Stadium

There are passgates situated at every stand of the stadium giving ease of access. Once inside there are disabled lifts in every section of the concourse level. These are operated by push button.

Each kiosk has a drop counter and plenty of stewards on hand to assist should you require it.

The disabled toilets are situated both at concourse and mezzanine level throughout the stadium. This is to ensure that there is always one close to hand wherever you are situated. The toilets operate via a radar key system. If you do not hold your own radar key, simply ask the nearest steward who will be happy to assist.

The disabled toilets have low and high level coat hooks and long mirrors. They are colour contrasted and are all fitted with an emergency pull cord.

The Liberty Stadium has up to 226 wheelchair bays. These are located within every stand of the stadium. Each resident club has its own policy on personal assistants. Please visit the websites below to see what criteria is required:



Swansea City AFC - we would ask you to register with our ticket office your requirements i.e. wheelchair bay, ambulant seating etc. we will then 'client type' your account, which would mean you can log on line to purchase the seats/bays which are relevant for your requirements. You can select seats and those of your family and friends around you.

Ospreys Rugby - simply purchase tickets on line. Should you require a wheelchair accessible bay, please contact the ticket office for assistance.

Ticket office: 01792 616400

Hearing Impairment

For those visitors with a hearing impairment, the Liberty Stadium has a Loop system in operation within its ticket office and main reception.

Visual Impairment

For visitors with a visual impairment the Liberty Stadium proudly offers its supporters free matchday commentary. We ask supporters to inform the ticket office of this requirement prior to their visit so that the equipment can be ready for our arrival. However, there are ample units available for requests on the day.

The Stadium toilets have good colour contrast for ease of navigation.

The Liberty Stadium has installed 'tactile' maps as the 'You are here' signs which are situated at the four corners of the stadium. This provides raised maps, bright colours and braille, to assist with easy orientation.

We have larger font kiosk menus available, upon request. Please ask one of our Disability Liaison Officers who will be happy to obtain this for you.

Disability Liaison Officers

The Stadium has Disability Liaison Officers working every match day and are identifiable by their green bibs. If you require any assistance please speak with them as they are only too happy to assist wherever they can.

Should you be required to maintain a core temperature - please ask one of our Disability Liaison Officers who will be happy to bring you a blanket.

For a full guide on how to access the stadium and its facilities, please see click on the travel tab above for the home and visitors guide to the stadium. It has been designed to assist all supporters, but has audio and text throughout to assist anyone with a visual or hearing impairment.



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